Thank you for visiting emanelle.com, the site that showcases the photography of Michael and Laura Putorti, owners of Emanelle Photography.

While browsing emanelle.com, you will notice the unique styling of this creative duo.

Michael’s education includes a Bachelors of Art in Drama from SUC Geneseo, which has a profound influence in his artwork. He enjoys experimenting with both natural light as well as creating stunning portraits through his use of artificial illumination. He has exhibited in Rochester, NY, and Syracuse, NY

Laura’s education includes a degree in graphic design, which allows her to create one of a kind artwork from her photographs. You can see more of her work at www.putortidesigns.com.

Both Michael and Laura reside in LeRoy, NY, and ply their trade from their home.

Please call 585-768-8658 to schedule your photography session.


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