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On the Island Boudoir Photography

Michael and Laura Putorti use their combined creative talents to create memorable Boudoir Photography.
One of Laura’s degrees is in Graphic Design which she uses to create stunning collages, book layouts and backgrounds for photos. Laura acts as second shooter, assistant, and set stylist for all of our boudoir photography sessions.  Michael’s Drama/Technical Theater  degree is utilized by tapping into his knowledge of stage lighting for dramatic photographs.  A photographer from the early 1980s he brings his experience using film and darkroom practice in each of his photographic sessions.


Our Methods

We believe all women deserve to feel glamorous.  We are about celebrating what makes you unique, not only your appearance but also your experiences, passions, loves and goals. You can have your Boudoir Photography customized to your individual vision.

Getting to Know You

If you have an interest working with us, we suggest a 3 point information gathering method.  In no particular order:

You can view our concept catalog boards on Pinterest.  When perusing our boards, you may “like” images you would like to emulate.  There are boards for Intimate Photography and Pin up photography as well as boards for Pin up Art and Artists.  We ask that you choose pictures that appeal to you through lighting, setting, pose and level of exposure that correlates to your comfort level.

We also provide a Questionnaire asking how you see yourself, your interests, activities, dreams, goals and the ideas making you who you are.  Some of the questions may seem a little odd but we are trying to get a feel for how to approach your Boudoir Photography session. You are not expected to answer all the questions, however the more information we have the more we can serve you.

The interview allows you to expand upon your questionnaire answers and your choices from Pinterest so we can have a clearer understanding of what you want from your Boudoir Photography experience. Also, it gives you a chance to get a sense of who we are and if you would like to work with us.  The chemistry between us must be good to get the best images. The interview can be done via SKYPE or phone. It need not be face to face.

On the other hand, we can just go in cold and “shoot from the hip”! That can have it’s advantages too!

However you want to communicate your wishes is fine with us. We hope you take advantage of one or all of these ideas.


Please Note

Hair, Make up and Wardrobe styling are the responsibility of our clients. These services may add to the cost of your experience.   We are able to point you to artists in those fields, if you feel the need to utilize them. Many of our clients are capable of doing their own cosmetics.  We can provide tip sheets and other information to steer you in the right direction.

The location you choose may affect your final monetary output.  If you wish for a hotel room, Bed and Breakfast or some other location that would require a fee, you will be responsible for that payment.  We feel your home or a friend’s living space is preferable.  It allows you to save some money on your shoot and it would be a space where you are familiar and comfortable.

We are currently between studio spaces. If a studio is your preference,we will need to add that to the total session fee.  There are several rental studios in Monroe County and we can find one near you..


On the Day of Your Boudoir Photography Session

We arrive at your chosen location between 30 and 45 minutes before we are scheduled to start creating your images.  This is to familiarize ourselves with the space and to work out a plan for your session.  Please have your hair, make up and your first outfit ready by the scheduled time.

We shoot as many photos as time allows.  This includes time for wardrobe changes, moving to a different spot within the location and other tasks required of the planned images you want.

After your Boudoir Photography session, you will view all of the photos taken.  It is at this time we will perform the first cull, eliminating obviously sub par images.  These will be the unflattering, goofy, out of spec or bad photos no one will want.  Once I have a chance to review them, I will make a second cull eliminating the images with technical errors.  These will be pictures that will be time consuming to edit.  You will have the opportunity to view on line your proof photos through a link to a Cloud server.  You then can choose which pictures you wish to have fully manipulated.  If you have chosen a product or products we feel a print consultation can help you decide how you want the final pieces to look.


Additional Information

You will be asked to provide proof of age. We will need a photocopy for our records. Minimum age for a Boudoir Photography session is 18 years. We prefer our clients be at least 21.

You are encouraged to have someone with you at the time of your photo session.  Due to the potentially intimate nature of Boudoir Photography we feel having a friend there provides extra comfort if someone is there whom you trust.  Your assistant can help with wardrobe and make up while helping make the experience more pleasant for you.  We may also ask them to assist us with things like reflectors and other tasks.  We have one stipulation which is that the person you choose is not someone you are romantically involved with.

After your session and you have received your photos and/or products we will ask you to fill out another questionnaire providing feedback concerning your experience. We work to make the encounter pleasant and enjoyable.  By providing your answers we are better able to evaluate whether we are achieving our goal.

In order to get the best possible images your comfort is paramount.  One of the techniques to find out where your  boundaries are is to see what images you like on our Pinterest boards.  Please understand Boudoir Photography is supposed to be sexy with varying degrees of nudity involved and your “likes” will indicate what you ultimately want to see in your final portfolio.  Please be aware we may ask for something beyond your comfort zone but you always have the option and obligation to yourself to say “NO!” if that request violates your degree of modesty.  We will respect your parameters and will not ask again.

The photographer will almost never touch the model.  If there is something the photographer needs adjusted such as hair, a garment or props he will ask his assistant (his wife) or your assistant make the requested changes.  If the photographer needs to approach the subject he will indicate he is coming closer, usually to capture a fragment of you such as a close up of a part of garment and curve of your person.

We can offer books, calendars and other printed material if the photographs are to be a gift for your special someone.  Please consider the time frame from shoot to the gift giving event.   Please allow 4 -6 weeks for delivery once you have approved the final images for your present, not from time of your sitting.  We try to get proof images to you within 7 days and final images 7 days after that.  Please schedule your session to occur no later than 6-8 weeks before your celebration.  Rush orders, if possible, will substantially increase costs by as much as 200-500%


As mentioned above, our pricing is flexible and based on what you are wanting to achieve with your Boudoir experience. Packages are able to be customized to your specific needs with pricing altered to reflect your requirements.

Package 1

1 hour location session, 2 outfits, minimum 75 images taken, you choose 12 to be processed, 1 8X10 glossy print $175.00

Package 2

2 hour location session, 3 outfits, minimum 140 images taken, you choose 20 to be processed, 1 8X10 and 1 5X7 glossy prints $225.00.

Package 3

3 hour location setting, up to 5 outfits, minimum 250 images taken, you choose 30 to be processed, 2 8X10, 2 5X7 glossy prints, $425.00

As stated above, these prices do not include hair, make up, wardrobe styling or any fees incurred due location or studio rentals.

(Technical note: The images you will view right after the session will be unedited JPEGs. When I start to work on your images, I will be working from the RAW files. RAWs are the image files with all the information. They can be considered to be digital negatives. RAWs allow me to make easy-ish global corrections to the images. RAWs are a proprietary image format from the camera manufacturer and are of no use to any one without that camera brand and their software to use them. RAW images are not just unedited pictures.
Also, I do not want anything but my best work to be seen. You will not receive any unedited, unretouched unmanipulated or substandard photos, even if requested.)

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