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Welcome to the Emanelle Photography Portrait and Boudoir Blog. This is a first for me. I have not been enthusiastic about starting a blog. It seems somewhat egotistical to write my thoughts about photography and how I approach my images. On the other hand, it seems a blog is necessary to generate interest around my photography and generating business.

So what do I want my business to be? I want to photograph women. That is my passion and my specialty. Why? Who knows? I certainly don’t have any real idea why it is so important. There is real enjoyment experienced when I have a female in front of my camera and I can make beautiful images. In addition, I really love when my subjects see their pictures and love them. Not only to photograph women but to make my clients happy is what Emanelle wants to do.

The aim of any business is to make the clients happy but there is more to it for me. We see plenty of images selling us a better life. Often by displaying “perfect” bodies. No one has that. We need to accept our selves as we are. That doesn’t mean we should reject proper diet and exercise. It does mean when we do our best, to be our best, we should embrace what our best is. That is often more wonderful than we think. To show a woman the loveliness I see in front of me and have her see it too is incredibly rewarding. Confidence and self acceptance has to come from many levels. Large swaths of society place inordinate value on appearance, especially on women. My hope is to give a person a starting point developing the security and confidence to know her true potential.

If this seems like an experience you want to have, please contact Emanelle Photography Portrait and Boudoir to discuss your photography. I look forward to hearing from any and all of you.

Next time we will discuss the process of going from our first contact to final prints.

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