Fine Art

Fine Art Photography from Michael and Laura Putorti

If you have had the opportunity to view our professional photography, you will appreciate the images we create for ourselves. The portrait and product works are our vocation. We enjoy providing our clientele with enjoyable experiences and quality photographs. However, the Fine Art aspect is our avocation. We capture these images for our own pleasure. We hope others find them stimulating in some form but we also know how subjective art can be.

Michael usually works from a conceptual stand point. That means the photos are thought out before hand and executed according to the plan. There are images which are visual puns or exploring some emotion or thought process. Other images are “found” and he may have manipulated the scene in some way. There are a few which are minimally manipulated and and straight from the camera.

If you find any of these touch your heart and you feel compelled to purchase one or more, please contact us for more information. Some photos are available in only one size. Most are available in a variety of sizes and finishing options.

Fine Art of-light-and-movement framed _MG_1117 Glass
IMG_4273 fine art blueorange IMG_0647 Trinity
Fine Art Fine Art Fine Art Fine Art Fine Art
Heidelberg IMG_0759bw.jpg Amy Rose




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